Membership – Join COGC

Membership has its benefits!
• Monthly e-newsletter
• Programs
• Plant and seed exchanges
• How-to demonstrations
• Social activities
•  Field trips

Membership in COGC shall be open to all individuals wishing to pursue an interest in organic gardening, upon payment of annual or semiannual dues.

INDIVIDUAL membership shall be open to single individuals. $30 per calendar year.

FAMILY membership shall be open to two adults living at the same address. $45 per calendar year.

Children older than 18 will be required to join as an adult.

Minor children are welcome to accompany their parents to meetings and activities.

Dues shall be for the calendar year. New members joining after July 1 are eligible to join for half the year running from July 1 through December 31, upon payment of one half the annual dues.

Click on the link below for our membership application form.
Print the form, fill out information and mail the form.

California Organic Gardening Club Membership Application